Google Alerts is a free, convenient way to get a daily email in newsletter form for particular topics you need to stay on top of. 

It basically takes about five minutes to skim through the list of new content, but that way you’ll see if there is anything that warrants some additional time or investigation. 

Here are a few ideas for Google Alerts relevant to those of us who live in Northwest Arkansas. Additionally, depending on your industry and specific interests, you may want to customize these search terms or add additional ones.

If you find a search that’s a little off, tweak it to filter out the results you no longer wish to see. If there are specific topics or sources you don’t want alerts from you will need to add a “-” to filter those out. 

Here are some of the top Northwest Arkansas Google Alerts you can add to your list:

Sources: Web

Northwest Arkansas upcoming + (concerts|shows|music)

Keep an eye out for the latest concerts and shows in our area. You can include the Walmart AMP, JJ’s Live, George’s Majestic Lounge, and more. Big-name acts are coming to Northwest Arkansas and you don’t want to miss out on snagging your ticket.

Generally, you can use this alert if you want to discover new artists and venues, and support the ones you already love with these. You can also find deals and promotions to help you plan your next concert or show.

Sources: Automatic

Business Opening + Fayetteville|Bentonville|Rogers|Springdale

Whether it be a new small business or a popular chain restaurant (not so patiently waiting for Chuy’s in Fayetteville) opening in Northwest Arkansas, this alert will let you know. Local chambers of commerce are a great resource to stay up to date with the latest business openings in our area. 

This can help you stay informed about chances to support local businesses and invest in our community.

Sources: Automatic

City + “AR” + “restaurant” + “coming soon”

Tired of going to the same three restaurants? Looking for a new date night spot? This is the alert you need to set. Designate which city and state you’d like and follow it up with “restaurant” and “coming soon” to find new businesses about to open in the area.

Sources: Automatic

“Woman-Owned” business Arkansas

Who run the world? That’s right, GIRLS. If you want to support local women but aren’t sure where those businesses are, this Google Alert will tell you. Set up your alerts just in time for Women’s History Month 2023.

Depending on the industry you’re interested in, set up alerts for keywords related to your industry such as “retail industry”, “food industry”, “manufacturing industry”, etc. By including “women-owned” in your search, you can narrow it down further. 

“Web” includes other websites that are not News or Blogs while “Automatic” is the default option and includes only “News”, “Blogs” and “Web”.

Sources: Web

(“request for proposals” OR “rfp”) + “Northwest Arkansas”

Especially helpful if you are a business owner, self-employed, or a freelance professional in need of work. This alert will keep you up to date with proposal requests in our area. Easily keep tabs on government entities and businesses looking for your skillset.

Sources: Automatic

“Minority-Owned” business Arkansas

I love to support local businesses, but it’s also important to support business owners who come from different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. By setting up alerts, you can learn about new offerings from these businesses and discover new products or services that you might be interested in. 

Minority-owned businesses often offer unique products and services that you may not find elsewhere. Promoting diversity and inclusion in Northwest Arkansas can help support some of the underrepresented communities in the area.

Sources: Automatic

Northwest Arkansas (cycling|races|5k|running)

Visit Bentonville, Experience Fayetteville, and OZ Trails are just a few of the specific alerts you can set to keep up with the latest outdoor activities and events happening in the area. Northwest Arkansas is becoming one of the top mountain biking locations, so there are different paths for different speeds and experiences. 

If you’re an avid runner, hiker, biker, bouldering enthusiast, or someone who wants to keep an eye on local events, start with this Google Alert.


Sources: Automatic

Northwest Arkansas (“art show”|”art gallery”)

If you’d like to be more specific, you can sign up to get alerts from Crystal Bridges Museum, Art Ventures, or Art Expo NWA. Our local art galleries host various events throughout the year ranging from family-friendly to 21 and up. It’s a fun way to get out of the house!

Set up alerts to learn about these events and promotions in real-time and take advantage of special deals or opportunities.

Sources: Automatic

Arkansas + U of A + Razorbacks

Woo Pig Sooie! If you’re an Arkansan you’re most likely a Hog fan. As an SEC school, the University of Arkansas takes its sports seriously. If you’re looking for tickets, stats, player updates, and more, setting up an alert for Razorback sports will help you keep up with all things Hogs.

Arkansas Razorbacks
Photo Credit: Arkansas Razorbacks

Sources: Automatic

City + (“volunteer” OR “seeks volunteers”)

Volunteer opportunities are easy to come by in Northwest Arkansas. With all of the nonprofit organizations in the area, there’s always a need for a helping hand. Your intentions may be good but we all get busy, so setting up this alert can help you find and stay up to date with the latest events. 

Specify which city or town you’re interested in, then follow it up with “volunteer” or “seeks volunteers” in order to find those opportunities near you.

Sources: Automatic

Walmart, Tyson, JB Hunt 

As some of the largest employers in Northwest Arkansas (not to mention the country), these companies can have a significant impact on the local economy. By setting up Google Alerts, you can receive notifications about industry news, stock market updates, job opportunities, and competitive analysis. 

If you’re wanting business specific alerts from these big corporations, you may want to exempt the following: “-crash -fire -theft -gun -steal -sale -degrasse”.

To sum it up, whether you’re new to the area or a Northwest Arkansas native, Google Alerts is the perfect, free resource that you should be using. It allows you to monitor things you’re already interested in and can make your life easier. 

Want more information on how to market your business? We’ve got you covered.