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Digital Advertising Services

If you want to expedite your marketing efforts, incorporating digital ads into your strategy is the way to go. Digital advertising helps you and your business reach a new audience is a quick, efficient manner.

Glass Ivy helps you define who to advertise to, design your advertisements, and mange your ad strategy. We focus on results and adjust quickly based on real data to get you the highest return on investment.

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Glass Ivy’s Digital Ad Services


Market Research

Audience Evaluation

Data-Driven Ad Strategy Creation


Scheduling & Posting

Tracking & Analytics

Budget Planning

Content Creation

Graphic Design


Keyword Research

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Advertising Services.

What is your process for a digital advertising engagement?

As is true with every marketing campaign Glass Ivy collaborates on, we start with market research and strategic planning. During this time, we collaborate with the client to get a full understanding of their business, target audience, competitors, industry, etc. During our initial collaboration we will also provide suggestions for budgets, demographics, location focus, and general directions. After our strategy is concretely formulated we work on drafting copy and creative content for your approval. We also flush out any required collateral materials associated with the campaign and/or build out designated landing pages for higher conversion rates. 

Once all materials, budget, targeted information, and additional infrastructure is approved, we launch our campaigns. We recommend allowing any new campaign to run for a minimum of two weeks without interruption or changes. This way we get an accurate picture of how it will perform. After two weeks, we report our findings and present adjustments as needed. 

Digital advertising requires close monitoring. There are many moving pieces to do this effectively and therefore we spend a lot of our time tracking metrics, planning for strategic adjustments, and tweaking things to get the greatest impact for your budget.

When is the right time to run digital ads?

Understand exactly when this strategy will have the most impact on your marketing success.

Planning for when to take on digital advertising is a two-fold process: What content and infrastructure do you have in place? What is the purpose or goal of running digital ads? 

Digital ads are only as effective as their supporting content and materials. If you’re running ads but have no website, no valuable content, no easy mode of purchasing or contacting, then you aren’t ready. You need to have a solid foundation for your target audience to find and the pieces in place for once they decide to “click”. 

Imagine seeing an ad for a piece of clothing you like, but when you go to buy it you can’t find that item or even a way to contact someone? Odds are, you’re never returning to that vendor’s website or social media page. 

Secondly, you need to determine what the purpose of your digital ad campaign is before you decide to toggle it on. Obviously, if it coincides with a sale, product release, or event, those times are easy to decipher. If you are creating a campaign for general business lead generation or brand awareness, you need to make sure you have the right content, tools, tracking, and workflow in place to follow up on leads you receive. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and money.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Digital Advertising (PPC & Social Media) as a marketing strategy?

Each marketing service has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the effectiveness of each will depend on your business goals, audience, and industry. Here is an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of paid digital advertising.


    • Drives immediate traffic and leads to your website
    • Can target specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors
    • Generates high-quality leads and conversions
    • Provides detailed data and analytics for optimization


    • It can be expensive, especially for competitive industries
    • Requires ongoing management and optimization to maintain effectiveness
    • Can be impacted by changes in ad platforms and competition

What tools do you use for digital advertising?

Incorporating digital advertising into your marketing strategy helps you and your business reach a new audience quickly and efficiently. Glass Ivy is here to help you navigate your digital advertising journey. 

  • Google Analytics: We get valuable digital advertising insights from Google Analytics including user behavior, website traffic, and ad performance. It helps us identify which audience segments are most likely to convert, which we can use to create targeted ads. 
  • Google Ad Manager: Formerly known as “Doubleclick for Publishers”, toll allows us to manage and monetize our client’s digital ad inventory. It gives us metrics such as impressions, clicks, and viewability, which is used to measure ad performance and optimize campaigns for better ROI. Google Ad Manager also supports programmatic advertising, which uses automated bidding and ad placement to improve ad efficiency and reach.
  • Facebook Ad Manager: Glass Ivy uses this tool to create and manage ads for our clients on Facebook and Instagram. It allows us to further target our audience, measure each ads metrics more accurately, and has the ability to create lookalike audiences. The lookalike audience is similar to a client’s existing customers and targets them with specific ads. 
  • SEMRush: By using SEMRush, we’re able to narrow down the best keywords to use in each digital ad to target the right audience. This tool lets us analyze competitors’ digital advertising strategies, see what’s working for them, and make the changes to our client’s ads we see fit. Ad copy optimization is also a feature we incorporate into our strategy. It helps us create more compelling and effective ad copy to resonate with our client’s target audience. 
  • Adobe Creative Suite: This gives us access to a wide range of tools we use to create visual assets like images, illustrations, and graphics. Our in-house graphic designer uses Adobe Creative Suite’s customizable brushes, layering management, color management, and other advanced features to construct ads that appeal to our client’s target audience.
  • MailChimp & Zappier: These two tools can be integrated to automate email ad campaigns, social media posts, and lead generation forms. Certain automation workflows can trigger actions based on a user’s behavior or other events. An example of this is a follow-up email to subscribers who open a specific email or click on a particular link. 
  • WordPress: The features of WordPress are endless. We use custom landing pages to deliver highly targeted messaging that speaks directly to the needs and interests of a target audience. These custom landing pages can be designed with a clear call to action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

Still have more questions? We’ve got more answers.

Lacey Gebo

Owner | LG Education & Salon lace.

Glass Ivy went above and beyond to design and create the perfect digital guide for my Online Course! They paid attention to all the small details and were very professional and easy to work with. They checked in weekly and made sure all my needs with the project were met. You’d be crazy not to hire Glass Ivy for all your digital marketing needs!

Lee Sharp

Director of Marketing | Unified A/R

I trust Glass Ivy to handle all of our marketing design work… email templates, digital, print, and website. The team at Glass Ivy is creative, skilled and super expeditious. In 20+ years of working with agencies, this is by far the most pleased I have ever been with an agency.

Rick Hargis

President & CEO | Member Service Corporation

Glass Ivy helps bring my ideas, and our client’s ideas, from concept to reality. Their professionalism and work quality exceeds expectations. Their creativity is top-notch and they always make my business feel like their number one customer.

Amy Hansen

Business Development | CyberCENTS

I definitely recommend the services offered by Glass Ivy. Over the course of three years, I worked with Glass Ivy on numerous projects. They are pleasant, professional, and always quick to respond. Whatever our marketing needs… Glass Ivy met them!

Brad Freeman

Founder & CEO | SourceClub LLC

Working with Glass Ivy has been a great experience. Their marketing process and knowledge has vastly improved our brand awareness and digital infrastructure. We’ve seen increased visibility and audience engagement since partnering with them. I would highly recommend Glass Ivy to any business looking to grow.

Logan Jones DDS

Owner & Dentist | Pea Ridge Dental

Our clinic used Glass Ivy to rebrand, design, and develop our new website. Working with their team was an enjoyable experience. They were knowledgable, friendly, and took the time to make sure everything was exactly how we wanted. If you’re looking for a Marketing Agency that cares about people and exceeds expectations, then Glass Ivy is for you.

Olivia Yeager

Owner | Olivia Blair Salon

Glass Ivy has helped me every step of the way as my business has grown over the years! They have built and edited websites for me in the past and most recently created magic with my logos and business cards for my Salon and team that help us stand out in our industry. Working with them is always so enjoyable. They value hard work and timeliness and have a way of making your business dreams come to life.


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