strategic services

   don’t guess, know. 


The key to effective marketing is data and analysis. At Glass Ivy, we believe in making sure you have a full understanding of who your target audience is, what their habits are, and what type of marketing tools make them tick. Let us help you figure out your audience today.


Once you understand the overall goal of your marketing efforts and who you need to reach, the next step is formulating a strategy. Every strategy is unique and perfectly caters to optimizing efforts for your specific business. We consider social media, email, print materials, (the works) to provide a tried and true strategy for your business.


Social media is an amazing, free tool to utilize to reach your target audience. The stats are astounding, nearly everyone utilizes some form of social forum daily. Whether you need social media set up, custom content, a strategic schedule, or someone to handle all facets of your social media efforts, Glass Ivy can handle it.


Keyword enriched, custom content is a great way to improve SEO rankings and instill trust in your target audience across digital forums. We have copywriting experts ready to help you with all of your content needs. Additionally, if you want to implement or need help with blog content we are happy to help.